Harm and benefits of buckwheat

To understand how popular buckwheat porridge was in Russia, it is enough to open culinary publications of those years. Buckwheat kernels were used for cooking dishes by ā€œcommonersā€, they cooked it and buckwheat porridge for noble persons, while many dishes have gone down in history forever. For this purpose, both whole peeled kernels and flourĀ Continue reading

The benefits and harms of vegetable oil

Vegetable oils are widely used not only in cooking, but also in cosmetology, folk medicine. They are used to prepare homemade beauty recipes, prevent certain diseases. Not everyone understands that in addition to the benefits, with improper or excessive use, the harm of vegetable oil is high enough, not everyone can use it. What isĀ Continue reading

Nordic walking technique for beginners

Nordic walking with sticks is very popular. It is one of the safest types of physical activity, almost everyone can do it, including the elderly, and those who are contraindicated running and various jerky loads. The main health effects of Finnish walking: increased muscle tone, improvement of the heart and blood circulation, correction of posture,Ā Continue reading

Benefits of yoga: results after practice, pros and cons

The first images of yogis were found in India about 5000 years ago. Over the millennia, the practices have not only not disappeared, but have also received a new development. In the 21st century, the eastern direction has become popular due to the fact that it helps not only to improve physical condition. Practices helpĀ Continue reading

Outdoor training: in harmony with nature

Taking care of health, a toned beautiful figure is the norm. People want to live happily ever after without thinking about diseases. Gyms are filled to capacity with those who want to improve their physical shape. Their visitors increasingly want to go beyond the perimeter of the sports club. Outdoor training is a new sportsĀ Continue reading

10 daily habits that will significantly improve life

Often we ourselves become an obstacle on the way to our goal. The way of thinking, the attitude of life and the wrong daily routine can prevent you from moving forward. To increase productivity, become more energetic and focus better on tasks, pay attention to these ten useful habits. Do not look into the phoneĀ Continue reading

The harm and benefits of olive oil

Vegetable oils are useful for the body, but olive oil is deservedly popular, which is widely used in cooking, folk medicine and cosmetology. The product has a rich chemical composition, is rich in natural fats, vitamins, amino acids, which take part in the biochemical processes of the body. Despite its widespread use, before taking oliveĀ Continue reading